The clear drop in biodiversity that affects many environments is creating increasing problems for conservation, and amphibians are among the animals that have been most affected by changes over the decades. One of the largest causes is the fragmentation and reduction of habitats, with significant consequences for the breeding sites of these species. Added to this are the introduction of fish even in small lakes, wetland reclamation, and numerous road investments.

In the peat bogs, amphibians can be found only in areas with shallow water, inaccessible to the various predatory fish. Species found in the Reserve include the rare and protected Italian Agile Frog (Rana latastei), the Italian Tree Frog (Hyla intermedia), more common in the ‘Lamette’, and the Italian crested newt (Triturus carnifex). Small but specific interventions to protect these species are being implemented by the managing body through the creation of small ponds.

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