The Torbiere del Sebino Nature Reserve can be visited year round, and different educational activities are offered throughout the year for schools of every age, including guided visits, workshops, and investigations.

With the support of qualified guides, students will be guided in the discovery of a unique environment through the study of natural science, foreign language, and art, all while deepening the fundamental aspects of environmental education.

The guided visit, which lasts about three hours, is led by a guide authorized by the management.

Educational and investigation activities lasting 2–3 hours are held at the permanent centre for social-environmental education (CESAP) in the Visitors’ Centre, which is located along the Northern Route in Iseo. The centre is equipped with an interactive whiteboard, microscope lab, and information on the flora, fauna, and geology of the area.

The Northern Route is designed to allow people with motor difficulties to visit the Reserve.

Use of the Visitors’ Centre involves an additional cost of €30.


We are convinced that through direct experience, students can strengthen the concepts they have learned at school.


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