In the protected area, members of the Scientific Committee make annual surveys of the plants, fish, and birds. Over the years, scholars, students, and interns have carried out research and written theses in different disciplines related to nature and other aspects.
Census of ground beetle communities in the Reserve – University of Milan-Bicocca
Luciano Bani and thesis student Luca Naoni, with the collaboration of Civil Service volunteers, made the first study identifying ground beetles present in the Reserve (sometimes down to species level). These organisms were chosen for a deliberate purpose. In fact, ground beetles (Carabidae) are widely used by the scientific community as an indicator for environmental assessment and biodiversity conservation.

Survey of butterfly communities in the Reserve – University of Milan
Through the surveys conducted by Gabriele Corrado la Grasta, 26 different species of butterflies were identified in the Reserve. Of these, 10 species were previously unreported, and four species are declining in Europe. In addition, the study highlighted some important relationships between butterfly species and types of environment, the knowledge of which is essential for guaranteeing their protection.

Strategies for enhancing the Reserve with respect to sustainable tourism – University of Turin
This research by Elena Stofler, an intern and Masters student at the University of Turin, is still ongoing. The goal of the study is to build a cognitive framework to enhance the Reserve, providing strategies and actions for the future with regard to green and sustainable tourism.

Research on the water in the Reserve – University of Brescia
This activity provides support for Stella Volpini, a PhD student studying the hydraulics and hydrology of the Reserve.

Botanical research 2021

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