In the Torbiere del Sebino Reserve, you can take many hikes along the network of paths. With the help of a guide or on your own, you can deepen your knowledge about the natural aspects of the area. Here on the site you will find many ideas for these sorts of activities. Between the Provaglio station and Corte Franca, you can use the cycling path that runs along part of the water. Corte Franca has various areas for sports fishing that are well marked on maps in the Reserve.

Outside the Visitors’ Centre there is a sensory path where you can put yourself to the test, maybe blindfolded, with the help of a friend or family member to feel how the ground changes under your feet. Here you will also find a small hotel for solitary bees, and in spring and summer you can observe these vital pollinators while they keep occupied around the small holes provided for them. To attract the pollinators, the meadow where this small structure is situated is managed naturally, so the grass is high, allowing the plants to flower spontaneously and attract butterflies and other interesting insects. In front of the meadow there is a noticeboard with ‘Nature’s Calendar’, which illustrates some of the plants and animals present in the different seasons.

To make your visit even more satisfying, download the Reserve app with explanations about the paths and the large number of species present.

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