Advice for Your Visit


Any form of disturbance to plants and animals in the Reserve is forbidden (avoid unnecessary noises and shouts).

Do not bring in pets, drop waste, leave marked paths, or stray far from the guide.

Taking small samples of natural elements (phials of water, ground samples, leaves, …) is possible only if authorized by the guide.


Notepad, pencil, and pen for notes.

If you already have one, and with parental consent: camera, binoculars (highly recommended for birdwatching), compass, plastic bags (useful for carrying dirty shoes and rubbish home), and manuals for bird identification.


Comfortable layered clothing (avoid gaudy colours), sports shoes (boots if it is raining or has rained recently).

Cap, possibly a rain jacket (depending on the weather).


The suggested educational and cultural activities cannot build off of superficial or hurried visits. It is important that each visit be prepared in class, consulting the Reserve website or other works that can easily be found at any library. Teachers should indicate the aspects that most interest them for the desired educational objectives motivating the visit, so that we can offer a service corresponding to the specific needs.

Even non-specific research on the marsh environment and ecosystem is useful for understanding the students’ expectations in advance.

  • Did you know that there is a marsh near Lake Iseo?
  • Do you know what a marsh environment is?
  • Do you know what a peat bog is?
  • How does a marsh form?
  • What type of vegetation do you expect to find?
  • What animals do you think we will find during our visit to the marsh?
  • Do you know of any past or current use of the marsh?

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