Habitats in the Reserve

The Sebino peat bogs are a complex and fragile ecosystem* composed of several different habitats*. Some of the habitats described below are protected by the European Union Habitats Directive (92/43 EEC), which has catalogued them with very precise numbering and scientific definitions. For technical information, please see the botanical report. Here, we consider the habitats, not only from a botanical point of view, but also with respect to all the living things hosted in each habitat. Depending on the amount of water, many different environments are formed.

Habitat: A habitat is a place whose physical and environmental characteristics allow certain species to live, develop, and reproduce, ensuring the cycle of life.

Ecosystem: An ecosystem is the set of all the living organisms (biocenosis) that populate a given place and the physical environment in which they live (biotope), as well as the relationships between all these elements. If not severely compromised by humans or severe natural disasters, ecosystems are perfectly capable of sustaining themselves.

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