Agile Frog

(Rana dalmatina)

A species protected by the Habitat Directive (Annex IV).

Agile frogs are great jumpers worthy of their name, since they can jump up to a distance of two metres.


This species is widespread in Central and Southern Europe, from France in the west to the Caucasus in the east. It is present in all regions of Italy, except for Valle d’Aosta, Sardinia, and Sicily.


The colouring of its upper body is usually reddish or pinkish brown, but this can vary to a darker, reddish colour. Agile frogs owe their name to their particularly developed back legs, which make them the best jumpers.


Clearly preferring land, they frequent forests, brush, wild lands, meadows, and cultivated areas outside the reproductive period. As a rule, they are active at sunset and at night, when humidity is high, while they spend their inactive winter period underground, under piles of plants, or in decaying trunks.

Observation in the Torbiera Reserve

This species remains in a few marginal areas consisting mainly of trenches and canals.

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