Torbiere del Sebino: a Nature Reserve to discover and respect

Torbiere del Sebino Nature Reserve, established in 1984, is a wetland of glacial origin. The Reserve is located between Iseo Lake and the morainic amphitheatre of Franciacorta, and it protects an area of 360 hectares of Provaglio D’Iseo, Corte Franca and Iseo municipalities.

The natural environment, of great naturalistic value, is the result of peat extraction which modified profoundly the landscape, creating a complex environment able to guarantee the survival of numerous species.

The Nature Reserve is a Wetland of International Importance according to the Ramsar Convention and it is part of the European Union network of protected areas of Natura 2000 as a Special Area of Conservation and a Special Protection Area.

Protected areas can be considered as open-air museum, fragile places under special protection, reserved for flora and fauna, where each of us can enjoy the natural beauties behaving like a discrete and respectful guest of the natural heritage that surrounds us.

The Torbiere are a unique landscape within the context of Po plain, position that makes them particularly valuable as the most of the wetlands have been drained in favour of agriculture and man-made structures, destroying on the most richest ecosystems in the world.

The Nature Reserve creates an “island effect” within the very urbanised surrounding area. It hosts an extraordinary biodiversity: 15 natural habitats, characterized by the presence of more than 400 species of flora, which represent home and shelter for amphibians, reptiles and insects; more than 70 species of nesting birds – the most eye-catching part of the Reserve – to which we must add the summering, wintering and migratory species that here find a precious temporary rest area during their long journeys.

Places where you can buy your entrance ticket

Tickets are available at the official entrances – Iseo (near the sports field) – Provaglio D’Iseo (near the San Pietro in Lamosa Monastery) – Corte Franca (near Via Segaboli).


  • Leave your dog at home – pets are perceived as potential predators;
  • Walk – the routes are exclusively pedestrian. Bikes are not allowed;
  • Only wings, no drones – flying at a low altitude they make noise and may disturb the fauna;
  • Enjoy the silence – listen and let yourself be guided by the sound of nature, avoiding loud noises;
  • Respect nature – in order to not disturb the fauna, picnics are not allowed
  • Are you a group? – Does your group have more than 8 people? You must contact an official Reserve guide from our website

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