To do in the Reserve


Birdwatching is the observation of birds in nature. In order to carry out this activity you must be as discreet as possible because birds get scared very quickly. To get easier the birdwatching activity along the routes you can find many birdwatching stations where stop and observe without disturb.

Nature photography

The nature photography is about catching landscapes, fauna and flora in a spontaneous way within their natural habitat, as far as possible from human constrains. The Nature Reserve ecosystem is continuously changing, offering to the photographer a range of possibilities to capture moments of exceptional beauty.

Nature watching

The Italian term is Biowatching, which grew out of an idea of Francesco Mezzatesta as the natural evolution of birdwatching.

Literally means observing life and it is a way of exploring the natural world with all your senses. It can be summarized as “I feel everything while walking”. The goal is to make a slow walk focusing on the small details: a flower, an insect, a rock, the song of a bird or a smell. Doing so you will discover that the environment around you is alive in every single part, you just need to observe carefully.


Within the area of the Reserve there is a network of routes accessible from the official entrances (1, 2, 3, 4 see the map) upon the payment of the ticket entrance and the respect of the rules bellow.

North – central route (north loop)

Starting/ending point: Iseo Visitors’ Centre

Length: 6,5 km

The presence of water, common reed, meadows and wetland forests allows you to admire all the uniqueness of the place. A must-see along the route is the Birdwatching Tower accessible by a short detour, trough a path that was used during the peat excavation period. The walk will allow you to enjoy the view surrounded by silence.


South-central route (south loop)

Starting/ending point:   Monastery of San Pietro in Lamosa

Length: 5 km

A loop path that can be started both, following the path on the right or on the left of San Pietro in Lamosa Monastery. The route will allow you to walk across wooden walkways enjoying panoramic vies and birdwatching stations. The special features of the route are the basins where clay was extracted, characterized by an emerald-green colour which will give you the chance to enjoy the reflection of the surrounding nature especially beautiful in autumn.

North – south route (external loop)

Starting /ending point: Any of the official entrances

Length: 8 km

It is the route that walks you all around the area of the Nature Reserve. It is the only path available during the nesting period (March – July) when the central path is closed.

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