Wels Catfish

(Silurus glanis)

Is native to the large rivers of north-eastern Europe and is one of the most harmful species for the peat bog ecosystem, since it is extremely prolific and can reach considerable sizes: two metres and almost 200 kg in weight. It is very voracious and feeds on other fish, as well as on waterfowl chicks and adults.

Adult length

In Italy max  2,5 meters, weight up to 200 Kg.


Still or slow-moving water rich in vegetation.



Carnivore. Fish and aquatic vertebrates, waterfowl chicks and adults.


From May to August, each female lays several thousand eggs per kg in holes dug by the male in the muddy bottom.

Observation in the Reserve

With thousands of individuals present here, it has been the focus of containment for many years, due to which its numbers are reducing. This fish has led to the scarcity of all other fish and bird species, seriously damaging the ecosystem.

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