Great Reed Warbler

(Acrocephalus arundinaceus)

It is not easy to see these birds, except they are singing at the tops of the reeds or bushes. It is easier to hear their song, which consists of scraping sounds like cre-cre-cre, cri-cri, and cro-cro alternating with chattering and whistles.


Wingspan: up to 29 cm. Length: 19 cm. Their colouring is very mimetic: a dark dun on top and light cream below.


This is one of the most typical small birds in the rushes, that is, the dominant habitat in the peat bogs.

Observation in the Torbiera Reserve

It is a long-range migrator, spending the winter south of the Sahara. Nest-building individuals are joined by regular migrators from to April to mid-May and from September to mid-October. They can mainly be sighted, or more easily heard, near areas with dense rushes, for example, in the ponds just below the monastery.

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