Central Path close

The Nature Reserve Torbiere del Sebino, Special protection area based on the Birds European Directive, has as one of their main goals the safeguard of the species that choose this area for the nesting period. The months between March and July are a sensitive period for the bird specie of the Reserve, who are looking for calm and far from humans’ areas. These are the reasons that underpin the decision to close the central path from March 11 to July 19, 2024.

The central path, in particular, runs through the most protected area, crossing the heart of the Reserve, exposing the species to a high level of stress because of the many people that pass through. The nesting period is a very sensitive one that the Reserve Authority has to safeguard the most. The Reserve’s ornithologist underline how “the choice to close the central path during the nesting period has allowed to increase the use of the area from the birdlife, who before the closure was deeply affected by the human presence. This decision has a significant impact on conservation because it increases the area available for nesting, feeding and resting”.

All the other routes are accessible – north, south and the one that reaches the Birdwatching Tower. Discover them HERE

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